Land|Slide: Possible Futures

Janine Marchessault, Chloe Brushwood Rose, Jennifer Foster and Aleksandra Kaminska, eds. (2015)
Toronto: PUBLIC Books

A limited-edition exhibition catalogue of the Land|Slide: Possible Futures exhibition, which took place at the Markham Museum and Heritage Village in Markham, Ontario in 2013. Land|Slide was a groundbreaking large-scale public art exhibition responding to a world in transition where the past, present and future collide. It transformed the landscape of Markham by inviting over 30 national and international artists to explore some of the most pressing issues facing Canadians today: how to balance ecology and economy, farming and development, history and diversity. Land|Slide brought artists, urban planners, ecologists, educators, civic leaders and the general public together in a unique community engagement initiative that sought to pay homage to the past and imagine possible futures.

Land|Slide The catalogue includes a curatorial statement by Janine Marchessault, essays, and documentation of the over 30+ artist projects, including artist statements.