LAND|SLIDE: An Exhibition on Possible Futures

Land|Slide: Possible Futures was a groundbreaking large-scale public art exhibition staged at the Markham Museum and Historical Village from September 21 to October 14, 2013. Partially funded through a SSHRC Research and Artistic Creation Grant, over 30 artist projects were housed at the 25-acre, open-air Markham Museum and aimed to respond a world in transition on a site where the past, present and future collide. These national and international artists explored themes of multiculturalism, sustainability, and community and some of the most pressing issues facing Canadians today: how to balance ecology and economy, farming and development, history and diversity.

Land|Slide brought artists, urban planners, ecologists, educators, civic leaders and the general public together in a unique community engagement initiative that paid homage to the past and imagined possible futures.